How to take care of baby water turtles


You might want to get a new pet and your mind is set on baby water turtles. Or you might already own them and since you’re new to this thing, you need advice. Whatever the case is, you need to learn that baby turtles should be kept only in shallow water, no deeper than the level they can reach the surface without difficulties. If you want to get a good aquarium for your baby water turtle, go ahead and read this article on turtle tank filters.

Another aspect you need to be aware is that baby water turtles need heated water that is changed on daily basis. If you opt for a water filter, you can go for up to 3 days without having to empty the aquarium. Just make sure the filter doesn’t create a strong current which makes turtles paddle to much and get exhausted.

If they have a warm climate, baby turtles are more likely to survive and grow bigger. The temperature inside the tank should be approximately 85 Fahrenheit degrees. Moreover, get an incandescent lamp and use it to heat the basking spot, especially if you have a rock designed for the basking process. You can always buy an aquarium thermometer that enables you to adjust the water temperature.

Depending on your room temperature, you might need to cover the tank partially in order to prevent the water getting cold. Avoid condensation because turtles can’t dry out because they require humidity to grow.

Besides the environment conditions, baby turtles need a certain food diet that contains plenty of Vitamin D3 and Calcium. They are mostly carnivorous but need vegetables as well. You can give them butter lettuce, carrot slivers, or frozen veggie cubes for fish. Keep in mind to chop the pieces small.

Also, you can feed them with dried or frozen bloodworms that you can purchase from specialized stores. The reason why their diet includes them is that they are high in protein. However, try not to give them daily.

The frozen veggie cubes feature a variety of vegetables that are healthy for baby turtles. One good food choice for water turtles is the redworms, chopped into small tiny bits. You can also add chopped earthworms or tadpoles.  

There’s no need to worry about making time to feed the baby turtles since they only require feeding once or twice a day. Plus, it’s enough if you give them small meals and keep some veggies floating in the tank if turtles want to nibble on. It’s important not to overfeed them because if they grow too fast there’s a risk their shells deform.

Aside from this, try to give them plenty of fresh food because it prevents the protein and fat overdose, which again can cause deformities to the turtle shell.



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