5 most lethal reptiles in the world


Contrary to popular belief, the deadliest animal in the world is not a reptile or a shark, but a type of jellyfish. When feeling in danger, this type of jellyfish injects venom with its tentacles, and it is capable of killing a human being in under five minutes.

Nevertheless, there are countless types of creatures that could get you killed in an instant if you don’t pay enough attention.

If you’re planning your next trip in the Amazonian forest or looking forward to a mountain getaway, keep in mind that there are countless ways of getting into trouble when surrounded by nature. Here is a list of the top 5 most lethal reptiles in the world to know exactly what to fear when exploring the great wilderness.


The Anaconda

This semi-aquatic snake lives in South America and can reach a length of 10-12 meters. These snakes are known for being able to ingest food with a diameter of up to three times their bodies. They are reputed hunters and most often prey on deer, capybaras, wild pigs, as well as other species.


The Saltwater crocodile

This type of crocodile is considered the largest reptile in the world and a very ferocious terrestrial predator. It can reach up to 2000 kg and it is extremely widespread in Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and the North of Australia. Its strong jaws can easily tear apart all types of animals, including humans.


The Komodo dragon

It is considered the largest species of lizard in the world and resides in Indonesia and its immediate vicinity. This type of lizard can reach up to 3 meters in length and weighs around 130 kg. It is fast enough to chase humans and numerous attacks on humans were reported in the Komodo Island until 2014.

They usually prey on pigs, deer, and other medium-sized mammals and reptiles. However, they don’t necessarily hunt live prey, as they might also feed on dead or dying animals.


The King Cobra

It is considered as one of the most venomous reptile species and one of the few snake species that prey on other snakes. Its food mainly consists of other snakes and lizards and it can measure up to 3-4 meters in length.

The King Cobra is often found in the forest areas of Southeast Asia and its bite is usually lethal to humans. However, the attacks on humans are extremely rare as these snakes are not extremely aggressive and usually live in solitary forest areas.

The Black Mamba

Unfortunately for you, the deadliest reptile on the planet is also a snake. It is also considered to be the fastest of all snake species, and its bite can inject a large quantity of venom.

The Black Mamba usually lives in the interior regions of Africa. Because of its secured location with no civilization near its environment, it is quite hard to seek and find professional help if you are bitten by a Black Mamba.


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