5 interesting things about tarantulas


There’s probably no other creature with multiple legs that inspires more fear than the tarantula. But are these giant spiders the evil incarnate that blockbuster movies try to portray them as? Some people keep tarantulas as pets, and no, there aren’t some evil characters trapped in an 80s movie. So there must be something about tarantulas that does not quite fit their general portrayal. Here are some interesting facts about these spiders that will change your perspective, too.


  1. Tarantulas are not keen on biting people

The dreadful tarantula bite is not as poisonous as you may think. By comparing it to a bee sting, it’s no more toxic than that. Of course, it would not be a pleasant experience, but by far, it is not as deadly as many people think. Plus, tarantulas are not particularly interested in biting people. Usually, they are quite docile, and that is why they are sometimes kept as pets.

  1. Falls can be fatal to tarantulas

Although they look impressive due to their frightful appearance, tarantulas are much more delicate than they look. Their exoskeleton is not particularly robust, and a simple fall can mean a tarantula’s demise. There is a reason why tarantulas don’t like the idea of being handled. If you drop it, it would just lead to its end, so it is natural for this spider to become scared and aggressive.


  1. Tarantulas can regrow legs

Another pretty cool fact about tarantulas is that they are capable of regrowing any limb they might lose during their lifetime. As they regenerate their exoskeleton, a process known as molting, they also regrow lost legs. The regrown leg might not be as long as the others, but, as the molting process continues, the new leg might end up getting there in due time.

Tarantulas are very careful about getting their protein, so they usually eat a severed leg to make sure that enough of that resource is assured for regrowth.

  1. Females live longer than males

In the wild, female tarantulas can live to the venerable age of 30, while males do not usually pass their sexual maturity, so they only live for 3 to 10 years. Another thing that sets females apart from males is that the latter don’t molt, after they reach their maturity, while females continue to do so for many long years.


  1. Tarantulas liquefy their food

Tarantulas do not have the means to chew the food they catch, so their method of eating and digesting food is rather peculiar. Once they catch their prey, they inject it with certain substances that liquefy it. The prey turned into something like a juice is then ingested through the straw-like mouth of the tarantula.


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